Manuela was a wonderful guide and trusted advisor to us in redesigning our home from top to bottom.  She linked us up with skilled, reliable and trustworthy suppliers who supported all of the redesign efforts.  She came highly recommended and she lived up to those recommendations in providing us with design ideas that transformed our home, sourcing well priced products, and keeping a sharp eye on costs and quality.  Her partnership with Anna Mourtos gave us two valuable advisors and ensured speedy, same day responses to any inquiries or concerns.  We had a lot of fun together and created a "wow" home that works for us and is a comfortable refuge for friends and family.
Wendy Brennan

Manuela: I couldn't let the day go by without thanking you very very much for everything you have done for us. Your excellent organizational and project management skills are truly extraordinary. Not to mention your interpersonal skills with clients and trades.
Ruth & Paul Hawkins

Anna Mourtos has been designing for us for over a decade and has transformed everything from our house to cottage to chalet with distinct styles for each property. She's provided our lifestyle with comfort and surrounded us with beautiful designs which has enlightened our lives. With great attention to detail, Anna has managed to transform the blank canvass of a full renovation of our house into one that shows of great quality and design. Anna has a gift of realizing the dreams of her clients and where needed has a great ability to negotiate with those clients who may need intervention (i.e. husband and wife disagreements). We have Anna to thank for our love of our living spaces and for keeping our marriage alive and well!!
Brian and Nancy Enns

Dear Manuela
I wanted to put in writing just how thankful we are for your help and unending patience with our renovation planning and design. We began our dream over 5 years ago to add to our second level. We planned for many nights, made rough drawings and so on. Last year, we began to interview architects and designers.
Right from our first meeting you were honest, considerate, knowledgeable and you really listened to our ideas, our dreams, our wants and needs. When we received our first drawing, I couldn't believe it; you delivered all the things we asked you for in our first wish list. As our wish list changed, you continued to make adjustments and the masterpiece is finished. I can't imagine not having used an expert like you. You have saved us thousands of dollars already by making sure the design is right for us before the construction starts.
Lola Macanowicz

We have worked with Anna over 15 years on three different properties, which included a downtown condo, suburban house and waterfront vacation property. Anna has been a pleasure to work with on each of  our projects. Anna is very knowledgeable about the design process and has a vast network of product suppliers and reliable contractors that she suggests for each job. Anna is always aware of any budget limitations that have been communicated and works very well within the budget without sacrificing quality products. Anna's sense of style and colour is second to none. Anna has a great sense of humour and has been such fun to work with. We highly recommend Anna Mourtos to anyone who is looking for an interior decorator/ designer.
Jennifer and Eddie Matsumoto

We found working with Manuela to be great fun as well as extremely useful. She helped us to plan effectively within our budget, making very practical suggestions regarding where to purchase our kitchen, flooring, countertops and other related items while also providing a wealth of creative and aesthetically pleasing suggestions. The advice she gave us as to the type of cabinets, colour choices, etc. was really well thought out. We have no hesitation in recommending Manuela's services as they more than pay for themselves in many ways. We were delighted and look forward to working with her again in any future projects!
Debby and Bruce

You understood our needs and had practical ideas. You made sense! Most importantly, you helped us avoid the pitfalls since you already had experience in dealing with the many issues that came up. Co-ordinating the trades was a huge help. Thank you.
Pierre and Christa Blokhine

We have worked with Anna for the past seven years on various projects throughout our home. She has always provided fresh, novel ideas for every renovation we have tackled. No matter what the scope of the project was, she presented us with a number of options within our budget. We appreciate that we can always depend on her to give us her honest opinion. Anna brings a fun enthusiasm and positive attitude to any project. Her skills in working well with different contractors always gave us comfort in knowing that the quality of the renovation would be top-notch and we would be happy with the results. Her main goal is always to ensure that her clients are more than satisfied and that the end results are both functional and appealing. Thank you Anna for your dedication to all the projects we have undertaken together ... we look forward to the next one!
Susan Da Dalt

Manuela did my father-in-law's place and it looks fabulous!
Bella Jackson
Floral Fetish Design Studio

Anna was able to quickly assess my husband’s and my differing tastes and guide us towards suggestions that we would both like. Thanks to Anna, our living room is now a room that we both want to live in.
Phillipa Fitzsimons

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